A Child Receives a Second Chance for Life

There was a 3-year-old girl, who suffered from a congenital heart defect.  Unlike her twin sister, who was born with a healthy heart and full of energy, she struggled to breathe and eventually became limited in her abilities to play and enjoy life.  Her symptoms indicated a heart condition, which eventually was diagnosed as aortic…

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A Grandmother Accepts the Most Precious Gift

A woman in her 60s had lost her husband a couple of years ago.  She was saddened by her personal loss, but maintained her own independent spirit and love for family.  Her fortitude was challenged when she learned that she had developed severe peripheral vascular disease.  If untreated, she faced amputation of her leg. The…

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A Donor’s Generosity Provides Quality of Life for an Active Senior Citizen

While enjoying retirement, a man in his early sixties developed narrowing of his popliteal artery as a result of diabetes and high blood pressure.  He was faced with the possibility of having his leg amputated above the knee. Having a very active lifestyle playing golf, boating, fishing and being an avid volunteer in his community,…

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