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The human tissue you have received in your surgery is provided through the generosity of a donor family whose final wish for their loved one was to help others.

Grieving families often gain comfort from the opportunity to donate tissues. They also gain solace from knowing their decision to donate may enhance, or even save, the life of another human being. Since many surviving families of a donor want to know the final outcome of their loved one’s gift, the opportunity to connect with you, be it a simple card or lengthy letter, can be a consolation for them.

Through CryoLife, the company that processed and preserved your tissue, you have the opportunity, if you so choose, to connect with the donor’s family to learn more about the source of this gift.  No contact information will be conveyed without the explicit permission of both parties.

Patient Consent for Donor Correspondence

If you would like the potential opportunity to receive correspondence from the donor’s family, please provide your permission. To do so, you will need your Allograft Serial Number that appears on your Implant Summary Card as seen below. The Allograft Serial Number may contain 6, 7, or 8 digits. Please contact the surgeon that performed your procedure if you cannot locate your implant summary card.


Please note that providing permission to receive correspondence does not mean that your personal information will be shared with a donor family. Once permission is received, CryoLife will facilitate communication between you and the donor family, if the donor family wishes to do so.

Please contact Donor Services at (800) 438-8285 for more information.

Click the "Patient Consent" button to provide consent that you would like to receive correspondence from the donor’s family, if the donor family so desires.